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Ayurhomeo Ayurved, the brain-child of a group of experienced enterpreneur is based on a thorough understanding of the medical needs of people around the globe. Their unfailing zeal to alleviate the plight of the underprivileged and suffering community remains the inspiration behind the entire effort. We are engaged in the export of ayurvedic medicines, ayurvedic cosmetics and other herbal products.

Our Health Services

Hair Fall

Hair loss is a quite common problem among individuals of all age groups. People have been trying variety of allopathic medications and treatments to resolve scalp-related problems.


Allergy is a hyperactive response of the immune system to particular substances called allergens. The form of allergy may be from simple to life threatening.


Alcoholism is a chronic, often progressive disease that can be fatal. The condition involves a preoccupation with alcohol and impaired control over alcohol intake.

Kidney & Gall Stones

A kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny crystals from the minerals calcium, oxalate and uric acid. Gallstones are hard, pebble-like cholesterol that form inside the gallbladder.

Skin Problems

Homeopathy is the system of medicine in which ailments are treated them from their roots, internally by minimal doses of natural substances.

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